The Musician Magazine - Summer 2012 Issue:

"...Georgiades' solo guitar blends jazz, classical and Spanish elements with a pop any style Mike is always captivating and his sublime guitar playing merits a wide audience."

Acoustic Guitarist Album

Game Composer For Hire

I am a video game composer for hire for games in all formats and styles, from atmospheric ambient scores to sweet mobile app tunes. All music styles are covered, from traditional classical and folk styles to all current genres of pop rock and synth based electronica.

Past and current clients include Ubisoft and Sony, and I compose for mobile developer Dr Panda Games (formerly Tribeplay) and the hit game series Dr Panda (over 40 million downloads and counting).

Please get in touch using the game composer contact form to discuss your project or any aspect of game music composition or sound design.

Game Music Video Footage

Dr Panda Mailman

This game uses a variety of music loops to suit the various in-game scenes. The video starts with the main theme tune loop for the intro splash screen. At 0:22 for the post office scene there is a gentle relaxing loop. At 1:55 the main outdoor 'wind in your face' loop begins. At 10:35 as Dr Panda cycles into the forrest a darker mysterious loop begins. At 11:46 as Dr Panda cycles up a mountain a lighter winter style loop begins.

Dr Panda Firefighters

This game features heroic style music. There is one loop for the fire station, one for the driving scene and one longer loop for the main firefighting gameplay. This loop has plenty of variety to avoid annoying repetition.


Dr Panda Restaurant Asia

This game has a distinct Asian music theme using the sounds of a traditional Chinese Guzheng instrument, combined with cute synth sounds.


Latest Video Game Trailers

Tribeplay 'Ice Cream Truck' game trailer featuring Mike's music:

Tribeplay 'Dr Panda's Restaurant: Asia' game trailer featuring Mike's music:

Tribeplay 'Dr Panda's Swimming Pool' game trailer featuring Mike's music:

Tribeplay 'Bus Driver: Christmas' game trailer featuring Mike's music:

Tribeplay 'Mailman' Dr Panda game trailer featuring Mike's music:

Tribeplay 'Toto' game trailer featuring Mike's music:

Tribeplay 'Hoopa City' Dr Panda game trailer featuring Mike's music:

Dr Panda 'Toy Cars' game trailer featuring Mike's music:




The above tracks showcase a variety of styles, from mobile game loops to dark PC game themes.

If you would like to contact me regarding game music composer enquiries please use the game composer contact form.


Current & Past Game Audio Projects:

AAA Sony game - under development (NDA)

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - my guitar music featured in various in-game tracks, working with The Flight - One track 'La Havana' has been nominated at the Develop Awards. Link to iTunes album here

Dr Panda Games...

Dr Panda Bathtime
Dr Panda Farm
Dr Panda Racers
Dr Panda School
Dr Panda Candy Factory
Dr Panda Firefighters
Dr Panda Carnival
Dr Panda Space
Dr Panda Toy Cars
Dr Panda Ice Cream Truck
Dr Panda Restaurant Asia
Dr Panda Swimming Pool
Dr Panda Bus Driver Christmas
Dr Panda Mailman
Dr Panda Toto's Treehouse
Dr Panda Hoopa City