The Musician Magazine - Summer 2012 Issue:

"...Georgiades' solo guitar blends jazz, classical and Spanish elements with a pop any style Mike is always captivating and his sublime guitar playing merits a wide audience."

Acoustic Guitarist Album

Session Guitarist For Hire - Classical Spanish Acoustic Electric

I am a session guitarist from London, providing session guitar tracks for producers, songwriters, composers and record labels across the world.

I specialise in acoustic guitar styles such as classical, Spanish, Latin, jazz, blues, folk, rock and pop. I also collect and perform other stringed instruments from around the globe, such as mandolin, ukulele, charango, ronroco and other rare instruments.

Sessions can be recorded on-site, or online from my project studio using the highest standard of recording equipment.


Session Guitarist Hire Process:

- Make an enquiry specifying basic details of your aims.
- Receive quote - prices start at £90.00 per track.
- Send audio (wav, aiff, mp3 etc).
- Guitar parts recorded and an mp3 is provided for review.
- Payment made via Paypal or bank transfer.
- Delivery of final guitar track(s) in a specified format.



















Recent Session Guitarist Projects:

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
BBC composer Neil Cartwright
BBC composer Dominik Scherrer (Ripper Street, Marple)
The Flight (Rufus Wainwright, Lana Del Ray, Alien Isolation)
Disney artist Alex Maxwell

Below is a selection of tracks showcasing various guitar/instrument styles, and some video guitar performances.