Nylon Guitar for Kontakt

I am pleased to introduce my new Kontakt instrument: Nylon Guitar (beta). With deep sampling and detailed scripting, this instrument offers by far the most realistic guitar performance to date, via an easy to use GUI.

Listen to the demos..


Here are links to comparable virtual guitar instruments on the market (with instant audio demos):


Orange Tree: Evolution Modern Nylon


Ample Sound: Ample Guitar L

Ilya Efimov: Nylon Guitar


The sample library faithfully reproduces an old nylon guitar I have recorded extensively on TV and video game projects. This guitar delivers an intimate soft and warm sound, along with its unique imperfections. Whilst being highly useable and adaptable for many guitar styles, the nature of this guitar sound also offers a new alternative to the current trending felt piano libraries.



- 4 x Round Robin notes

- 3 x Round Robin slurs (hammer-ons, pull-offs)

- 2 x Round Robin release sounds

- 3 x Velocity Layers

- Incidental guitar noises, necessary for added realism

- Simple intuitive GUI



- Virtual left hand positions (displayed in GUI), adjustable in real-time performance via key switches

- Colour coded keys displaying available notes for each string, for each given virtual hand position

- Automatic slurring of overlapping notes (if played softly)

- Intelligent sustain pedal: only sustains notes on different guitar strings

- Open string key switch: open string notes available whatever the virtual hand position, enabling very guitar-centric passages

To Follow Shortly:

- Link to the Nylon Guitar Kontakt instrument for download

- Short introduction / tutorial video

Please contact me for further discussion on + 44 (0) 7880 520340 or email mikeg.guitarist@gmail.com