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My Guitar Sample Libraries

As a guitarist I love to create sample libraries of the guitar in its different forms; sampling beautiful instruments and designing intuitive playing systems. Here below are my MG Instruments range of guitar-based sample libraries for Kontakt to date, some free and some for purchase.

SA Letterbox_edited.jpg

MG Soft Acoustic Guitar

Released via Spitfire Audio in December 2023, MG Soft Acoustic Guitar brings the beautiful pure tone of a high end Martin J-40 steel string guitar to Kontakt. Featuring a chord  strumming engine and a fully customisable sequencer with MIDI drag and drop, it's easy to produce authentic guitar parts with minimal knowledge of guitar theory.

Visit the Soft Nylon Guitar Page on Spitfire Audio

MG Soft Nylon Guitar

Released via Spitfire Audio and Pianobook in March 2021, Soft Nylon Guitar is a vintage small-bodied nylon string guitar, with emphasis on a soft and delicate playing style, to give a beautiful intimate sound. Released to great acclaim, this is known as the 'felt piano' of the guitar VST world. Available for the free Kontakt Player.

Visit the Soft Nylon Guitar Page on Spitfire Audio

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MG Sweet Uke (free!)

A beautiful high-end ukulele sampled to capture its sweetness, warmth and consistent clear tone. Great for intimate fingerpicked playing styles. Full version of Kontakt 5+ required.

MG Shimmers (free!)

An acoustic guitar tremolo library. From tranquil pads to rising tension, MG Shimmers sounds great on its own or to breathe life into other instruments. Full version of Kontakt 5+ required.

MG Shimmers - Screenshot_edited.jpg
MG Steel String Harmonics.png

MG Steel String Harmonics (free!)

Acoustic guitar harmonics deeply sampled from a small-bodied Corn guitar. Can turn into a beautiful organic pad, plus innovative Panner FX option. Full version of Kontakt 5+ required.

MG Kitchen Lights (free!)

I made a video documenting the entire process of creating a Kontakt instrument. This was the result; a beautiful delicate bell-type instrument made from my kitchen lights! Full version of Kontakt 6+ required. Watch the Youtube Video!

MG Kitchen Lights.png
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