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MG Soft Nylon Guitar

I am proud to introduce MG Soft Nylon Guitar for Kontakt Player, available for purchase via Pianobook and on the Spitfire Audio website.


MG Soft Nylon Guitar captures the beauty and intimacy of a softly played small bodied nylon guitar. With deep sampling and detailed scripting, this instrument offers stunning realism in real-time performance via an original and intuitive playing method.

Click here to visit the product page on Spitfire Audio.

Click here for the free Soft Nylon Guitar MIDI pack.

This sample library faithfully reproduces an old nylon guitar I have recorded extensively on TV and video game projects, delivering an intimate soft and warm sound, along with its unique imperfections. Whilst being highly useable and adaptable for many guitar styles, the nature of this guitar sound also offers a new alternative to those soft/felt piano libraries.

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